Wrought iron doors are perfect for decorating during the holidays. They can sturdily hold decorations and provide a beautiful aesthetic to go with your holiday ornamentation. Here are a few holiday decorating ideas that contain accentuating your iron doors with festive decorations.

Iron Door Structure:

In order to decorate iron doors, first, you should assess your entry way so that your decorations complement, not clash with your architecture.

Things you should look at to decorate iron doors:

  1. Is your entryway classically symmetrical
  2. Is your entryway offset with your porch being covered?
  3. Will visitor’s eyes be draw to your front door through a meandering path, dignified cobblestones, or an austere cement walk?


We highly recommend using battery operated LED string lights to decorate iron doors and make it glow with warmth and holiday spirit. In order to make the door look aesthetically pleasing, weave the lights through and around the iron bars of the door.


Wreaths are always a YES when it comes owners wanting to decorate iron doors because they are able to draw attention to your door. From the simple beauty of a natural wreath to an ornamented-kid friendly wreath with fun decorations, wreaths make your home and front door very inviting. Oversized wreaths are also an option for those with a single wide iron door. To accentuate your wreath even more, you can flank the wreath with ribbons woven into the iron bars of the door. For double iron doors, two identical wreaths are appropriate.


Overall we emphasize the importance of simplicity when owners decorate iron doors. Luminaries that line the entryway to your iron door are a great option because they illuminate the entrance to your home without being too overbearing. You can also highlight the arches of your iron doors by creating an ornamental arch of greenery with ribbons to put on top of it. This is the essence of the beauty of iron doors with decorations: they can be the foundation for any decor your wish.

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