Thinking about giving your home an updated décor? One popular option is to choose the Spanish style to decorate your home. This design style incorporates rustic styles with a Mediterranean flair. Most people are surprised by how easy it is to transform their home into the Spanish style, compared to other design styles.

Check out these Spanish style design elements to help get inspired and incorporate this décor into your home.

Wrought Iron Elements

Wrought iron is an essential part of the Spanish style. You’ll want to upgrade to a Spanish style wrought iron door for your front door. Next, you’ll want to use Spanish style wrought iron décor like iron railings, interior doors, doorknobs, iron cabinet hardware, and so on. Iron elements complement the other features of the Spanish style very well.

Ceiling Elements

Walls in the Spanish style should have a stucco-like appearance. You don’t have to stucco your walls, as there are faux products that allow you to get this appearance by simply “painting” them onto the wall. When selecting wall colors, choose warm tones.

Wood Elements

Natural wood is also an important part of the Spanish style. If your walls have wooden trim, you can leave it as-is or refinish it with a natural, dark wood stain. If the trim is painted, consider stripping off the paint and then staining the natural wood.

Another area where wood elements are essential is the ceilings. Spanish homes have wood beams that are exposed. If your ceilings are high enough, you can add some faux wood beams to get the same look and feel. Make sure to finish the wood in the same color as the wood trim on the walls.

Flooring Elements

You will rarely find carpeting in homes in Spain. Most homes use some type of hard flooring such as terracotta, tile, or natural wood. You can also use wood laminate flooring to get the same effect.

It is acceptable to use rugs, runners, and floor mats in different areas, like under a dining room table, or as the center focal point in the living room. When using rugs, runners, and floor mats, select colors that pair well with the wall colors like reds, oranges, and yellows. You can also use blues and greens sparingly along with the warm colors.

Other Décor Elements

If you are using fabrics for windows, look for ones that are made from cotton and complement the wall color like a slightly lighter or darker shade. Natural wood blinds in a dark finish are also acceptable.

Furniture pieces should look like they are hand-carved wood. Leather is a suitable choice, as well as wooden chairs that have cotton woven cushions.

Wooden table and Kitchen with dark wood cabinets and island in mediterranean style.

To put the finishing touches on the Spanish style, you will want to place decorative terracotta pottery around the home and add some hand-glazed wall tiles in various areas, such as a border on the wall in the bathroom, as a border around the fireplace, or as the backsplash in the kitchen.

Where to Find Spanish Style Wrought Iron Doors and Iron Décor

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