One of the first things people see when viewing your home is the front door. Your front door makes a statement about your sense of style, tastes, and preferences. It is also the first thing guests and visitors notice before they even come inside.

What kind of door do you imagine on your home?

When deciding how to choose a front door for your home, you want to consider what type of impression you want to make. Some of the most common front door options to consider include:


Exterior doors come in a wide range of styles and designs. Wrought iron front doors provide the most flexibility because you can find elegant doors with flourishing ornamentation, scrollwork, and other artistic features. You can also find wrought iron front doors with minimalist styles that still complement your home’s exterior design.

Level of Security

The next important consideration is what level of security you desire in your front door. Wood doors are not that secure and could easily be broken down. Steel doors are slightly better, but their designs could still make it easy for a burglar to pick the locking mechanism.

Wrought iron doors provide the best security. Wrought iron is stronger than steel and can withstand impacts much better. Additionally, the locking mechanism used in wrought iron doors is encased in iron housings, making it much more challenging to pick the lock. In fact, most burglars will pass by homes with wrought iron front doors, thanks to the security features.


Durability refers to the front door’s ability to last and the amount of maintenance required. Wood doors require frequent maintenance to reseal the wood and apply a new coat of stain or paint. Steel doors also require regular maintenance to maintain their appearance and prevent rusting.

Wrought iron is coated to protect it from rusting. Of your door material choices, wrought iron is the most durable. There is very little maintenance required, other than cleaning the door monthly to remove dust and dirt. If you take care of your wrought iron front door, it can last a lifetime. You cannot say that about other door materials.

Customization Options

Rosalia iron gate

Wood and steel front doors have limited customization options. You can pick the color, door style, door handle and lock, and glass options if you want glass inserts. Wrought iron opens up a world of custom front door options, including:

  • Custom Designed One-of-a-Kind Doors
  • Variety of Glass Inserts Styles and Colors
  • Various Door Color Finishes
  • Door Handles
  • Door Locking Mechanisms
  • Decorative Scrollwork
  • Door Sizes and More!

One of the most alluring customization options is you get to work with an experienced ironsmith who can transform your vision of your custom front door into a wrought iron door.

Weatherproofing Features

You will want to consider the weatherproofing features available with your new front door no matter where you live. Wood doors can be prone to water damage, wood rot, mold, and mildew. While wood does provide some insulation, it is not the best when you have other options.

Steel doors do provide better insulation protection when they have foam cores, and they are water-resistant as well. However, if they lack foam cores, they are not good at insulating your home from hot and cold weather.

Wrought iron front doors are foam injected with high-quality polyurethane foam for year-round insulation. This foam acts as a barrier to stop hot and cold weather from entering the home. In addition, wrought iron doors feature thermal break technology and weatherstripping seals to keep the elements outdoors where they belong.

Affordable Custom Wrought Iron Front Doors

Most people are surprised to discover custom wrought iron front doors for their homes are affordable with our easy financing options and low monthly payments. To find out more and choose the front door options for your new front door, please feel free to explore our website or contact Universal Iron Doors at 818-771-1003 today!