Choosing the right color for your home sounds like a straightforward process. However, in reality, it takes time and a lot of effort. This decision will determine your home’s personality and decoration for the foreseeable future. It will also impact your curb appeal and the type of outdoor furniture you’ll need to buy.

In today’s guide, we’ll take an in-depth look at how to choose the right color palette for your home!

How to Choose Paint Colors for Your House’s Exterior (4 Tips)

There are many ways to choose the right colors for your home. However, we recommend some essential tips to make this process easier and more enjoyable. Remember that picking the right color can make a huge difference in how you feel about your home.

1. Look for Inspiration

It can be challenging to come up with a color palette and a decision out of the blue. That’s why we recommend first to look at other houses for inspiration. You can browse through the internet to gather some ideas of the different styles and colors available. This process can take some time, but it will be of great help.

You don’t have to choose the specific colors of a house you like, but you can use that idea to create something completely different. Combine colors and be bold if you want your home to reflect your personality.

Tip: We recommend social media platforms like Pinterest or Instagram, where you can find detailed pictures of home color ideas.

2. Consider the Light Hitting Your Home

Once you’ve found some ideas on colors you’d like to use for your home, you need to start thinking about the house itself. The direction that light hits your home can play a big role in the type of color palette you’ll need.

Lighter colors and whites can give a more welcoming impression, but they also fade faster and need more maintenance. Darker tones and colors can endure more direct light, but they have a harder time reflecting natural light.

3. Consider Your Home’s Architecture and Style

Another aspect to consider is the overall style and architecture of your home. If your home was designed to have a modern look, you should avoid pastel or extremely warm colors that work best for traditional or brick homes.

The architecture plays a strong role in choosing the right color palette. However, it is not a hard rule, and you can use the colors you like the most as long as you are happy with them.

In the end, the colors you choose will determine the personality of your home, which should be an extension of your own personality.

4. Choose a Main Home Color First and Complementary Colors After

First, you will need to decide which primary color you’ll use. For home color palettes and decorations, we recommend the rule of 60/30/10.

This rule means you’ll pick a primary color that will be 60% of your home total colors. Then, a secondary color should be the other 30% of your home. Finally, a third color should be 10% of your house, including the finishings and smaller details.

4 Best Exterior Paint Color Palettes

Wrought iron front entry doors

Design trends are ever-changing and depend on different factors. However, if one trend is the right one for you, you should not be afraid to pick it. You just need to consider how it will fit with your surroundings.

Here are some of the most popular exterior house color palettes.

1. Nature-Inspired

A natural color palette is a recent trend popular among free-spirited people and people trying to escape the stress of big cities. This palette uses colors you can find mostly in nature like green or orange. However, it also covers earthy tones and neutral colors like brown or gray.

When thinking about nature-inspired colors, consider vibrant citrusy tones, lush forests, and colorful wildflowers. If these combinations sound like something you’d enjoy, then a natural palette should be your choice.

2. Monochromatic

A monochromatic color palette means you pick one color for your home and use tone variations to complement it. This timeless color palette is used in most traditional homes that use different tones of brown or cream. Still, you can also use it for more modern and chic designs.

The best thing about this palette is that you can easily choose the complementary tones once you’ve picked your main color. All you need is a color wheel with the different lighter and darker hues of the color you’ve chosen.

3. Black and White

The black and white combination is another timeless option that works perfectly for more modern homes. It has a luxurious feeling that no other color palette can match. However, it can feel like it has no personality if you don’t find the right decorative furniture and items.

To take advantage of this color palette, consider modern apartments in big cities and digital devices like smart homes. If you think that’s the type of feeling you want for your home, then black and white is the right color palette for you.

4. A Pop of Color with Whites

A pop of color is a trendy color palette for homes representing a youthful and free spirit. It is what it sounds like—an explosion of color combinations with white as the main color.

The right secondary colors can help enhance the personality of your home through finishings and decorative accessories.

Meanwhile, the white takes the lead for walls, windows, and doors. That way, you have a unique combination of colors that shouldn’t be easy to copy or duplicate. If that sounds like something you want for your home, then this color palette is the right one for you.

Tip: This color palette can also work by using black. However, this combination is not as common because it will make your home require more natural and artificial light.

Test Swatches Before Committing

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The worst thing that could happen is choosing the wrong color, and you have to either settle with it or repaint your house. If you don’t want either of these options, you should test the color you’ve picked before committing to it. Testing will give you a real-life experience with your color palette.

We recommend using paint swatches to help you decide before committing. These swatches will give you an idea of how the different colors look once they’ve dried completely.

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