This detailed home security checklist contains information on all of the areas and equipment to consider when you want to make your home safer and more secure. Taking these steps will not only protect your property, but they can also protect your friends, family, and pets.

Securing your points of entry is an essential part of preventing break-ins. There are recommendations for securing iron doors and windows, including best practices for limiting access to entry devices. These types of improvements will help deter criminals, who tend to look for easier targets.

Eliminating hiding places and dark areas around your property will make your home less inviting to people who want to stay in the shadows. Are your bushes too tall or in the wrong places? Should you install an automated lighting system? Run through this checklist for your best options to reduce the temptation and opportunity for casual theft.

You may want to do a walk-through of your property with this guide in hand, making decisions about the smart technology and monitoring systems that are now available to enhance home security. With this helpful information from Universal Iron Doors, you can make the right investments to protect your home and property.

Home Security Checklist Infographic

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