Question:  Do your iron doors rust?

Answer:  No, we guarantee our doors will not rust.  In our  7 step paint process we use Zinc coating to protect the door from rust.

Question: How is the door painted?

Answer:  We use a 7 step process when we paint our doors.
1.  Sand Blast
2.  Zinc coated (protects against rust)
3.  Epoxy Primer ( this is used to hold the paint)
4.  Epoxy paint
5.  Baked
6.  Antique Finish
7.  Clear Coat

Question:  Are your doors powder coated?

Answer: We use a 7 step paint process which is superior to powder coating.

Question:  Are there any warranties on your doors?

Answer: Yes, we have a 5-year warranty on all welds and a 2-year warranty on all finishes.

Question:  If the picture of the door I want on your website/catalog has a flat top, can I get the same door with an eyebrow?

Answer:  Yes,  we will make any door in any style that you want.  Round top, eyebrow in square jam, flat top, transom, etc.

Question:  For new construction, what size does our rough opening need to be?

Answer: For new construction, your rough opening needs to be 1″ over on each dimension.  For example: if you are getting a double door that’s 72X96.  You’re rough opening should be 73X97.

For more details contact our office at (818) 771-1003   Monday thru Friday between 8:30 -6pm.