Victorian houses are part of the history of English-speaking countries. You can still find them in many places worldwide. For many, a Victorian house is the ultimate dream home. Today, we’ll share which design elements can complement this house’s exquisite look.

What’s Considered a Victorian Home?

Victorian homes are houses with an architectural style that dates back to the reign of Queen Victoria. The period she ruled is known as the Victorian era, which included distinct artistic expressions such as architecture.

It means all the houses, palaces, and other architectural buildings created at that time are part of the Victorian style. So, if your house was built in the 19th century, between 1837 and 1901, it is considered a Victorian home.

There are many Victorian architectural styles. However, the most common ones are the Italianate and Queen Anne. These two building techniques emphasized vertical elements like tall windows and porches.

One way to differentiate the two Victorian styles is by checking the trims in the house. Queen Anne homes have the classic “Gingerbread trim.” These are the highly ornate trims we usually associate with Victorian homes.

What Exterior Elements Complement a Victorian Home Design?

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Here are some of the best exterior elements that complement a Victorian home design:

  • Stained glass is an element that you will usually find in the windows and doors of Victorian homes. Usually, this glass will have different shapes and colors that match the design of the home.
  • Bright colors like blue, yellow, and orange are common in Victorian homes. Often, you will find them combined with white or cream on the porch and around the edges of the house.
  • A steep roof is the quintessential indicator of a Victorian-style home. Most of these houses have two or three stories with steep roofs complementing them.
  • Rounded edges are exterior design elements that you will find in most Victorian homes. They are extremely common in Italianate homes that use towers and other rounded spaces.
  • Unique window shapes are part of what we usually associate with Victorian-style homes. The tall, symmetrical, and vertical windows will give your home the Victorian style you’ve been looking for.
  • Decorative wood and ornate trims are essential if you are aiming for the Victorian home style. Adding some trims to the edges of the porch and other parts of the house will enhance the aesthetics of your home.
  • Textured sidings are other important aspects of Victorian home exterior design. Victorian homes were made with wood, giving them a natural texture almost impossible to replicate with other materials.
  • Iron front doors are signs of luxury and security that many prefer for their homes. They can also easily add value to your Victorian home, especially if the door is made in the same architectural style.

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