Designing Your Iron Door

We may not all be designers but we do know what we like or what we don’t like when it comes to overall aesthetics. Don’t rely solely on what a hired designer suggests but instead, trust your own instincts. Qualified designers can guide you to ideas that you may not have thought. So how do you make that decision? Read on!

Trick or Treat!

Halloween is not only a great time to explore a new neighborhood but also a chance for you to check out front doors incognito! Prior to the spooky day, drive around and find houses that have iron doors that are attractive to you and put those homes on your trick or treat route. Every doorbell you ring is an opportunity to not just get candy, but to explore an interesting front door. When coming up with designs for your customized iron door, concentrate on your surroundings and ask yourself what catches your eye in awe versus what makes you say Boo!

Pay attention to your iron door

Most of us unwind after a long day in front of our favorite television shows. Use that time to not only enjoy the story of your show but to take in what you see. Modern Family on ABC is re-run about a million times a day, so chances are that if you’ve watched the show, you’ll catch it again but on this time, watch it with fresh eyes. Notice the exterior shots of the families’ houses. Do you gravitate to a more contemporary style like Jay and Gloria’s house or something more traditional like Claire and Phil’s house?. Or perhaps something with a more ornate, Spanish style like Cam and Mitchell? Narrow down what it is that you like and before you know it, you will have designed an iron door that satisfies your own unique decor.

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Museums and on-line

Wrought ironwork dates back as far as 3500 BC so chances are. If you are exploring a museum that houses ancient artifacts, you’ll discover some spectacular wrought iron designs. Dating back from the medieval period, ironwork was not only used for weapons of protection, but decorative purposes became more common. Fabulous iron work can also be found on ancient cathedrals like the Notre Dame de Paris. Don’t see yourself going to France in your near future? With the Internet, you can explore any place in the world and hone in on the specific designs of churches, cathedrals, government offices, homes. Take screen grabs of what catches your eye and start your own customized iron door design.