Designer Iron Doors

Why are they becoming popular?

One only has to look at the various designs and colors to realize how fashionable designers iron doors are. Whether you are choosing doors for your front gate or for the back door, nothing quite comes close to the sheer quality of iron doors.

In contrast to fiberglass and wooden doors, iron doors are gaining widespread appeal and homeowners are in search of the latest designs to make the best investment for their house.

If you are eager to purchase new doors for your house, the following are some reasons why designer iron doors will be ideal for you.

Known for its toughness

Designer iron doors have reputation for their sturdiness and toughness, which is an advantage both for aesthetics and safety. The thick iron can withstand extremely harsh weather conditions, whether it is cyclones or storms, and takes far longer to corrode due to wear and tear in comparison to wood and fiberglass doors.

More importantly, doors that are made out of wrought iron, a strong alloy containing iron and other metals, offer incredible resistance to rust and can last for many years.

Has good resale value

Installing iron doors can be great if you are looking to enhance the value of your house. Homes that are fitted with iron doors will naturally attract the attention of home buyers. Whether you are planning on selling your home or giving it away for rent in the near future. Installing an iron door at the entrance or the back entrance can be immensely rewarding. . By fitting your home with iron doors, you can expect your house value to go up by at least 5 percent.

Provides better security

Investing in strong doors is absolutely necessary if you wish to protect your possessions from getting stolen by trespassers. Having doors that are made out of strong iron will make it near impossible for burglars to kick their way through your front gate.  You can choose to install iron doors on the drive way as well as the main entrance.

Furthermore, you can also customize the type of additional security features, such as hinges and locks, to boost your home security.

Installs easily

Iron doors may be heavy, but they are certainly not difficult to install. You will be surprised to find how quickly you can have your front doors replaced . Have a professional visit your house and take the required dimensions and you can have it installed in no time.

Available in a range of design options

Designer iron doors come in a myriad of designs and shapes that you can choose from to your liking. You can opt for double entry doors, arch doors, doors with glass panels, square top designs, as well as classic and contemporary designs. There are also a range of colors that you can decide to complement your house color. Consult with a design expert and they can recommend which ones best go with the color theme of your home.