The entryway to your home says a lot about your tastes and style. It is the first thing family, friends, and guests notice when they stop by for a visit. The entryway is what your neighbors and people walking or driving by your home also see.

When the entryway looks plain, boring, or simply neglected, it does not give a great impression of your home or your sense of style. You want to go beyond putting out a “welcome” mat by using these great entryway design ideas!

1. Upgrade your front doors to wrought iron front doors.

Wrought iron front doors are stylish and classy and add a sense of elegance to your entryway. There are all sorts of different door designs and styles to choose from, including iron and glass front doors with different types of glass, when you want to let in some natural light.

2. Remove excess clutter from the entryway.

The entryway can get a bit cluttered if you have limited space outside and inside the home. Start by removing excess items from around the doorway outside. If you have space, a small chair and table off to one side of the entryway can make your home more welcoming. If you have limited space, place a few small decorative planter boxes outside the entryway or other decorative elements.

Inside the home, invest in a coat rack/shoe tree/bench combination. This will keep shoes, coats, and other items from getting cluttered around the door. The less cluttered the entryway, the larger and more open it will appear.

3. Add some lighting to brighten up the space.

No one likes walking up to a dark entryway with a single outdoor light. Place solar lights in planter boxes to provide extra light. You could even experiment with other types of lighting on the outside of the home—like LED fairy or holiday lights in warm whites or various colors.

Don’t forget about the inside of the entryway too. You could use a small chandelier-style light fixture. You could opt for lantern-like lights with one light fixture on each side of the door.

4. Stage your entryway to make it inviting and welcoming.

If you have ever sold a home, you already understand the importance of staging to make your home feel warm, inviting, and welcoming. In the entryway, the objective is to clearly define the foyer and space.

Many homes have open floor plans these days, so it can be hard to tell where the entryway ends and the home begins. Use different colors of paint to define the space. Use a rug or runner inside the doorway that fits into the entryway space. Furniture pieces can also help define the space—like a coat rack, bench, or the combination piece we mentioned earlier.

5. Make the entryway seem bigger than it really is.

Cozy hallway interior with new stylish furniture

Another great entryway design idea is to hang mirrors on one of the walls in the entryway. The mirrors help make the space seem much larger than it is. Plus, mirrors will help brighten up the entryway, which is perfect if your home’s entrance does not get direct sunlight.

By using these design ideas, you can create an absolutely stunning, stylish, and trendy entryway for your home. Just remember to have fun livening up the entryway by putting your own style, tastes, and touches into the design.

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