One of the factors that contribute to making a great first impression on potential customers and clients is the appearance of your commercial building. The perception of your business starts from the moment the person sees the building exterior and continues as they enter your business, whether you have a retail store, restaurant, or office building.

If your business looks run-down and in a state of disrepair from the exterior, it does not make a favorable impression. A person will already have a negative impression of your business even when they enter the building. If the interior is not in great condition, either, it will further lower the person’s perception of your business.

Even if the interior of your business is immaculate, the exterior will have sent mixed messages to your customers and clients. They will wonder why the interior of your business looks so great, yet the exterior is neglected.

To help ensure your building design looks great inside and out, we invite you to review these commercial building design ideas and upgrades to create a modern design.

#1: Upgrade the Entrance Doors

iron front entry door

You want to get people inside your business whether you are selling goods or services. One way to do this is to upgrade the exterior design of your entrance with new wrought iron entry doors. Wrought iron gives the impression of elegance, beauty, and luxury.

#2: Update Your Lighting

You want to make sure your business is illuminated so it is easy to see from the outside at night. Inside, you want sufficient lighting so that there are no dark areas where it is hard to see. The easier it is to see, the more attractive the spaces will seem when you also update other design elements.

#3: Update Your Signage

If you have been using the same signage for five years or longer, you are due for an update. Choose signage designs that reflect modern styles and incorporate your brand imaging. Replace light-up signage with LED lighting because LED lights are brighter and bolder than conventional lighting.

#4: Paint the Exterior a New Color

Choose bold colors and styles that complement your new wrought iron entry doors. You want colors that draw attention to your business and help you stand out. Just make sure that whatever colors you choose reflect your type of business, your branding, and the goods and services you sell.

#5: Add Green Elements to the Building Exterior

Colorful flower boxes, shrubs, trees, and other greenery near the building exterior can further enhance the appearance and curb appeal of your business. You could even use green elements to direct the flow of traffic right up to your entrance doors, although make sure to check with fire codes to ensure you are compliant with the placement of green elements.

#6: Improve the Energy-Efficiency of Your Commercial Building

technician installing solar panels on roof

Energy-efficient improvements are beneficial for your business in different ways. From a financial aspect, you can reduce your energy costs. From a customer perspective, you can market your business as being eco-friendly based on the type of energy-efficient improvements you make, such as installing solar panels on your roof, upgrading to LED lighting, etc.

#7: Update the Fixtures and Furnishings

If your fixtures and furnishing look like they are from the 1980s or 1990s, you are overdue for an update. That is unless you are running a retro-themed business. Look for fixtures and furnishings that have sleek and modern designs.

You could incorporate various technologies like digital displays on smooth panel TVs, interactive wayfinding, self-service options, etc. When making updates to your fixtures and furnishings, don’t forget about restrooms, breakrooms, and other areas your employees and customers use.

#8: Create Multi-Use Spaces

For office spaces, it can be beneficial to redesign the interior with multi-use spaces. One trending feature offices are using are floating walls that allow them to create private work areas or slide them open for collaboration on various projects.

#9: Keep Up with Maintenance and Repairs

After investing the time and money to update your building design and other elements, make sure you keep up with maintenance and repairs to keep your business looking great.

We hope these 9 commercial building ideas inspire you to create a design to upgrade your commercial space to give it a new appearance and improve its curb appeal. To find the right wrought iron entry doors for your business, please feel free to explore our inventories online or contact Universal Iron Doors at 818-771-1003 to discuss custom-design options today!