When selecting new iron entry doors with glass for your home or business, you need to determine what type of glass will add to the appearance of your property. For homeowners, it is a good idea to choose an opaque glass rather than a clear glass for front doors.

Clear glass is more appropriate for patio doors and other areas where you are not worried about privacy. For businesses, clear glass is perfect for retail stores, restaurants, and offices alike. Yet, if you desire some privacy or want to make a great first impression with potential customers, then you may want to choose one of the gorgeous opaque glass styles instead.

Types of Glass for Iron Doors

Aside from clear glass, there are several different types of glass for iron doors, including:

1. Flemish: Flemish glass gives the appearance the glass was handblown. It has a unique design that offers distorted viewing when looking through the glass. It is easy to make out shapes but not actual objects or people.

2. Aqautex: This is a variation of the Flemish type of glass. Instead of looking like handblown glass, it looks like a bunch of water drops have been connected—like the appearance on top of a lake when it is raining.

3. Gluechip: This type of glass looks like you glued the pieces of glass together. It is textured and does provide some privacy, as it is easy to tell if something or someone is behind the glass but difficult to determine what the object is or who the person is.

4. Pebble: Pebble glass looks as if a bunch of clear pebbles has been spread across the glass. Objects and people will look distorted when looking through the glass.

5. Rain: This type of glass gives the appearance of water running down the glass. It can be very decorative when used in various locations in the home or office. Rain glass also provides some level of privacy, as you can see movement and objects but cannot make them out.

6. Reeded: Reeded glass looks like reeds have been lined up in a row next to each other. They form a vertical straight line that runs up and down the entire length of the glass. This type of glass does offer some privacy and makes it difficult to see through.

double Iron Entry Doors with Glass

7. Sandblast: This type of glass has indentions in it to give it an almost tinted appearance. The glass does allow light to come through but makes it blurry to look through. Sandblast glass offers decent privacy too.

8. Watercubic: Watercubic has the look of wet glass. The style is based on those blocks of glass that were popular in the 1950s and 1960s that allowed light in but made it very difficult to look through. While you can see movement through the glass, that is about it, so it offers even more privacy than certain other types of glass for iron doors.

Why Use Iron Entry Doors with Glass?

Using glass with your new wrought iron door will improve the curb appeal of your home or business. There is just something about the elegance and beauty of wrought iron when glass is included in the door design.

The glass used in wrought iron doors is also very secure, thanks to the unique designs of the doors and quality of glass used. So, your home or business will be as secure as possible.

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