Benefits of Having a Modern Iron Door

 Benefits of Having a Modern Iron Door

Modern iron doors are usually considered to be rather expensive, which is why many people skip them altogether. However, these iron doors provide benefits that go beyond improved aesthetics and curb appeal. The following are some of the major benefits you can enjoy with a modern iron door.

1.    Boost Your Home Value

Your curb appeal does impact the overall value of your home, particularly if you are looking to sell the house. Getting a modern iron door allows you to capitalize on this aspect with ease. In fact, this is one of the few home additions and renovations that gives you a 90% return on investment on the sale of your house. You will also be able to get more buyers because of the improved curb appeal. Even if you don’t want to sell, a good entry door is an amazing addition to make to your house.

2.    Better Security

When it comes to security, a modern iron door actually works as a great deterrent because burglars view it as too much work. Not only will the door make more noise, it will also require more work to break in. Burglars are usually looking for a noise-less, quick option and usually steer clear of iron doors for this reason. Even wrought iron doors with glass are given a wide berth because the intricate designs of the iron bar don’t allow for one to break the glass and manipulate the lock with ease.

3.    An Investment

Iron doors have a really long life and can easily last you for 20 years if well looked after. In fact, some modern iron doors are actually centuries old. While they might be rusted, they can easily be restored and many are found to be in perfectly good condition. They are also less prone to rotting, rusting and other signs of deterioration. Modern iron doors can also withstand extreme weather conditions, pressure and other natural elements without requiring repairs. Keep in mind that you do have to maintain the doors. With proper maintenance, there is nothing to worry about.

French Iron Door by

French Iron Door by

Get a Modern Iron Door from the Experts

If you are looking for great modern iron doors that are crafted with attention to quality, get in touch with Universal Iron Doors. Their team of experts is knowledgeable and can even customize iron doors for you. You can get high quality, budget-friendly modern iron doors with them. For more information, call on 1-877-366-7713 or fill out our online form for a free quote!

Adding Interior Appeal To Your Home

Enhancing the interior appeal of your place.

It’s obvious that after installing a new iron door or iron gate, it will definitely catch the eyes of anyone passing by or your neighbors. However, the beauty of these iron doors isn’t only for the exterior of your home, but adding interior appeal.

One major change you can do to your home is to add railings to your stairs, balcony, or loft. This can immediately change the feel and look to your home and make it seem much more classy and elegant. These simple accents can help revive and invigorate the interior of your home, which would make it a great complement to the iron doors or french iron doors if you had them.

The real gateway

Another option is to add other doors to sides of your home that isn’t the front. Some homes will have doors that lead to their yard, or their garden, and it would be a perfect gateway. It would definitely give off a very sophisticated tone, adding more value and appeal to your home. You could even take it a step further but adding these iron designs to your cupboards in your kitchen! Many homes already have the wooden style cupboards, so by replacing those with smaller iron cupboards, it would bring a big change and a different look to your kitchen. If you have a wine cellar, a great way to complete the rustic look would definitely be to add an iron door. It’ll give it a more stylish and classic look to your wine cellar, which would definitely match the quality wine inside!

By doing these things, you can increase the value of your home as well as making it the interior look much more sophisticated and elegant. It would no doubt impress your guests and, if you were ever looking to sell, future homeowners.

Durability and Safety of Iron Doors

If you have seen our website, and browsed through our large selection of doors, than you must have realized how incredibly beautiful and gorgeous our designs are. If you haven’t, then you should definitely go look at them now! However, there’s much more to our doors than their beauty. They are extremely durable, which makes them the best option when looking for a door to install.

Durability and Weather-Resistant

One thing that the doors definitely hold up to is the wear and tear of bad weather. Wrought iron is made to last, and unlike wood, it doesn’t need to be continuously repainted to get rid of the battered look. It doesn’t rot or warp, so there’s no need to worry about any kind of aging affects on our doors. These are the best kinds of doors to get if you live in an environment that is prone to unpredictable and inconsistent weather. These doors will no doubt keep up with the wear and tear. Actually looking battered and beaten, like wooden or fiberglass doors.


These doors will no doubt resist the elementals, but will they resist intruders? With the way they are built, and the material they are made out of, they are for sure to keep out any unwanted guests. These iron doors are infused with steel and so heavy that burglars will probably be discouraged by even looking at these doors. They won’t be able to get into the house  because they won’t know how to get past the giant door.

Why you should get Iron Doors

You should get these doors if:

  •  live in an environment that is prone to unpredictable, inconsistent, and harsh weather
  •  want to get a longer lasting door to replace your older one
  •  want to add more security to your home