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WARNING! Don’t Be Fooled By Imitators

We take pride in our work

We here at and Universal Iron doors take pride in our work and appreciate our customers and their business. We work very hard to keep our customers satisfied. Not often but sometimes we do make mistakes, when we do we own up to it and try our best to rectify the issue to the customers satisfaction. Our Reputation means a lot to us and we want our customers to feel comfortable purchasing a door, fence, gaterailing or any of our products from us.

We are transparent with our customers

Unfortunately many companies in the internet are not honest. There are quite a few dishonest and fraudulent people in the Iron door business online.  Many people are getting scammed by fake iron door companies.  They create websites claiming they have a US factory and hundreds of doors in stock when in reality they only have pictures of doors.  They take orders for 2 or 3 months telling customers they get their door in 45 days. Then they shut down their website and change their phone number.

We here at Universal Doors have received many calls from asking if we know anything about these scammers or who owns the company or the website, how can they get their money back.  Unfortunately we don’t know exactly who this person or people are. They pop up and shut down so fast and use fake names to set up thier scams.


We are proud of our work and service and invite customers to check out our reviews.



Happy Client – Amazing Custom Wrought Iron Chandelier Frame


Our fabricators recently finished a beautiful custom chandelier frame for a client.  This project was very complex and required exact measurements, angles, and skilled iron bending techniques. Our design team accepted the challenge and took pride in their work.

This was a unique project custom project, it is going to be used to house, a crystal  chandelier. This project showcases our teams design and creativity philosophy “You think it, we make it.” This Wrought iron chandelier frame turned out amazing and shows our attention to detail.

The client Jennifer came be to pick it up and was completely amazed and satisfied with the final result. The custom iron  chandelier frame is over 5-feet in diameter, 3-feet high and weighs over 700 pounds.  Jennifer said she loves it and is so excited to hang it on the luxurious home in Diamond Bar CA.

Thank you Jennifer for choosing Universal Iron Doors.

The Fabricator

The Wrought Iron Industry Is Talking About Us – Fabricator Magazine


Check out what the iron fabrication industry is saying about Universal Iron Doors and Fabricator Magazine a leading iron industry publication sat down with the owners of Universal iron doors to talk about Iron, fabrication, art, home improvement and business.  Universal Iron Doors are featured in the Fabricator Magazine July/August Issue. Fabricator Magazine is published by the association of the ornamental and miscellaneous metalworking industry. Check out the 5 page feature article on the Universal Iron Doors staff and company.

Top 10 tips for choosing a quality Iron door

We have been making the best iron door of the market.

The are many things to look for when choosing an Iron Door for your home. We have been in the business for a long time and we know what customers want and need in a good quality Iron Door. Our Iron Doors are made with 12 gauge steel, they are pre-hung and tested for quality assurance. All of our doors include a dual pained glass, and frame. The glass is hinged and opens for ease of access and cleaning. They are primed and painted with a faux finish. There are no visible welds. All doors contain a polyurethane foam insulation, and heavy-duty weather stripping. Doors are pre-drilled for handles and locks. We also do custom fitting and designs.

The challenge of creating affordable iron doors is somewhat an ongoing battle. As the price of materials increase, many companies struggle to maintain quality without increasing price dramatically. If you look for the top 10 tips in this post, you will be able to find the high quality doors that you want without draining your bank account.

Top 10 tips for choosing a quality Iron door

  1. Door is made with 12 gauge tubing and solid forgings.
  2. Door is injected with polyurethane foam for insulation.
  3. Heavy duty ball bearing hinges should each hold 1000 pounds of weight.
  4. Door jamb with integrated threshold prevents wear and tear from foot traffic.
  5. Integrated Brackets on door jamb allow for easy installation.
  6. Dual paned operable glass for easy cleaning and ventilation.
  7. Heavy duty foam weather stripping installed to prevent leaks.
  8. Door is rust resistant and primed.
  9. Door is pre-drilled for handles and locks.
  10. Practical and functional design


Universal Iron Doors Fabricates and Installs a Huge Custom Wrought Iron Door

Iron Door in Mount Olympus, LA

Universal Iron Doors, was commissioned to design and install a massive iron door with arched transom on a new estate in the upscale neighborhood of Mount Olympus, Los Angeles. With its elaborate design the fabrication of this door took 300 man hours to create. Including the transom the door measures 9’ x 18’ and weighs over a 1000 pounds.

The beautiful door with its ornate scroll work will give the façade of the estate a European elegance, which was the goal of the client. The glue chip pattern glass that was selected, which is a very popular choice for Victorian windows, will provide the foyer of the home with ample light while slightly obscuring the transparency for privacy. The door was coated with a dark copper finish that enhances the details of the scroll work.


For installation a team of six men and a boom lift were required for this huge undertaking. First the door jamb with integrated sidelights gets set in place. Next the transom was carefully positioned with the boom lift. After making sure all the elements were level the door was placed on its hinges and the operable glass was mounted. Amazingly it only took one day to professionally install this door!  It was an impressive sight to watch these professionals fill the wide open space with a wrought iron door that will last a lifetime and bring much joy to the owner. 

Universal Iron Doors' Truck Delivering an Artistic Iron Door to Berkeley

We ship to all 50 States!

We ship to all 50 states

In almost ten years of business Universal Iron Doors has sold over 1000 doors to clients all over the United States. Whether you live in Florida or Michigan we can ship your door securely so you will receive it without any deformities or damage. Our team of expert shippers crate our iron doors carefully, reinforcing the structure of the crate to ensure stability and designed to maximize space and withstand abuse. At Universal Iron Doors we are proud to have our fine wrought iron products installed in homes, restaurants and hotels all over this great nation.

Past, Present, Future

Metal Doors: The Past, Present, And Future Of Home Design

Metal doors have played an important role in home design over the centuries. We all can bring to mind the images of iron gates on castles from days gone by. More recently, iron doors meant bars in conjunction with traditional entrance doors. These doors were meant as a theft deterrent and were not as a home design element. Today, metal and fiber doors can be used to insulate a home as well as add a solid theft deterrent. The future of iron doors could be with a door so light and easy to manufacture, that they can be afforded by everyone.


Skipping over the medieval applications of metal doors, you can fast forward to the unattractive nakedness of the protective iron bars that are commonly seen in large cities where burglaries are rampant. A simple door that is effective for its purpose, but about as unattractive as it could be. Metal doors that were meant for home design were too expensive for anyone less than a millionaire.


Today, metal doors are an affordable commodity. It is easy to incorporate your own designs into a custom made door as well as an entryway, gate, or garage door. One of the basic tenants of traditional home design is to incorporate a single design throughout a home or property. The flow that this design adds to your décor creates the touch of elegance that you were seeking from the beginning.


Modern metal doors incorporate metals, veneers, and glass to create a design that is pleasing to the eye and very functional. Ever evolving forging techniques and improvements in welding technology are constantly improving the quality or these doors. How does that relate to home design? Easy, these improvements allow designers to have more versatility in their designs. Improved techniques also generates lower costs, making high quality doors affordable to a wider range of people.

Past, present, and future; metal doors have been, and will be, adding different dimensions to home design. By teaming with a designer you can add your personal touch to the flow of your interior design. Why not use metal doors to bring your home design into the 21st century?

Santa Barbara Square Black Iron Door

What To Look For In Affordable Iron Doors

We make affordable Iron Doors.

That is right, we build affordable iron doors. The perception that iron doors are either very expensive and well made or cheap and of poor quality is somewhat ingrained in our minds. The reality is that iron doors can be made for normal budgets and be of high quality. All you have to do is know what to look for. Here are a few tips to help you.

Metal Thickness

The best quality iron doors are made with 12 gauge tubing and solid forgings. Thinner tubing is not durable enough to last the generations that these doors should. While you are looking at the thickness of the metal used in the door, look at the hardware. The hinges should be very sturdy and easy to maintenance. These are very heavy doors and need a correlating support system. Affordable iron doors that are of high quality will have proper mechanisms in place.

Custom Design

To buy affordable iron doors does not mean that you have to buy off the rack, so to speak. You should be able to work with a designer to create your own personal scrolling or image within the door. That same work can be put into stairways, gates, or garage doors to add symmetry to your property. Affordable does not have to mean generic with iron doors.

Quality Construction

Quality construction is a must in any product, but it is especially important with affordable iron doors. Do you want anyone who comes to your door to see every weld? Of course not. As you are shopping for iron doors, look for welds. Are the window panes hinged for easy cleaning? High quality doors should have no visible welds and hinged glass. Anything less is poor workmanship.

Keeping the quality

The challenge of creating affordable iron doors is somewhat an ongoing battle. As the price of materials increase, many companies struggle to maintain quality without increasing price dramatically. If you look for the three things mentioned in this post, you will be able to find the high quality doors that you want without draining your bank account.

Ornate Wrought Iron Driveway Gate

How To Use Ornamental Iron Doors Throughout Your Home

There was a time when iron doors meant a drab set of bars to cover your door and help deter burglars. Eventually, ornamental iron doors can be used as a main design tool or to compliment other, existing design elements. These doors to not necessarily have to be relegated to your front entrance, either. With today’s technology and forging methods iron works can be used throughout your home and property.

Ornamental Iron Doors In The Entryway

This is the first place that ornamental iron doors are normally placed in a home and usually the only one. Besides, beautiful design element, iron doors will fall short if your walkway and landscaping are not used to incorporate a sense of style. A decorative overhang can be added to smaller entrance doors to really sell the theme you have in mind.

Garage Doors

Ornamental iron garage doors can be used on the garage. For those of you who collect cars, these heavy duty doors can add a security feature for your collection. Their main purpose in your home’s design, though is to tie the overall design into aspects of the property beyond the front door. This adds a sense of flow that accentuates the interior design. Yet it adds element that only the more tasteful designers will add.


While the stairway railing is not a typical iron door, it can be produced with the same design as your front entrance and; therefore, immediately tie your design together. It will seem as if your home just naturally flows from the door to the upper floors. It is an understatement of design that immediately adds elegance to your home.

However often seem a bit garish if other design elements are not used to compliment the look, ornamental iron doors add elegance to any home. Pure design seeks to flow naturally and needs to have a continuity of the basic design. You can fulfill your design goals best by incorporating the same inlays that are on your doors into stairwells and railings. This flow will bring compliments and envy from all of your visitors.

Custom Square Top Wrought Iron Doors With Windows

Three Home Design Tips For Your Entranceway

Tips for your entranceway

An often neglected part of your overall home design is the entranceway. It is the first area of your home that visitors will see and the last thing they gaze upon when they depart. The entranceway needs to be neat while making a statement about your family and tie into the design of your home’s interior. Here are three quick home design tips to help you pull your entranceway together.


The walkway itself can make the grandest part of the statement for your entryway. You can have a courtyard feel or an ultramodern look. Either can be achieved with stained concrete. This material can be bought to tie in with your home design: either a reddish look for Spanish style tile roofs, a certain design added to match an iron door.

Iron Doors

Iron doors are a great way to enhance your home design. The intricate patterns within each design can be custom ordered. The same pattern can be incorporated into an entranceway overhang, stairways, and railings. You add symmetry to your home by using the same design element throughout. It is possible to go one more step and utilize the chosen design on gateways,lights, and mailboxes. Besides you have near limitless possibilities when you add iron to your home.


Landscape design is a very important element throughout your property as well as It has to be carefully thought out. Your entranceway is where the landscaping has to really sell itself as an introduction to your home design. Subtle, yet elegant or you can use new water conserving plants to bring out the eco-friendly modern nuances of your home. Without a well laid out landscaping design, your home will look like a hodge-podge of whatever you could find on sale.

Getting beauty from Iron Doors

Home design may start with a blueprint, but has to be tied together throughout a property. As visitors approach a home, they need to get a visual feel of the place. Landscaping, iron doors and entryways, and a well designed walkway will give them that feel. If you are careful to incorporate the same design into each element, you will display a symmetry that is pleasing to the eye and will draw the compliments of your friends and family, alike.

Cheap Iron Doors, Quality Iron Doors.

Money that worth spending

On occasion people who want to add iron doors to their home have a limited budget. Their natural instinct is to think that they can not buy cheap iron doors if they want quality iron doors. Some turn to salvaging older doors, while others just defer their dreams until they have more money. In truth cheap and quality can go hand in hand when it comes to iron doors.


Quality iron doors come from the forging process, dedication to solid support hardware, and good design. The forging process is not the same in any two manufacturing processes. Each company has some proprietary secrets that they keep, but the basics are the same. The same basic metals have to be used to construct and process the cast iron. The quality is inherent.

Manufacturing Process

Here is where a company can save money so that they are able to sell cheap iron doors. By slimming the process, using the best metals, and committing to to strong support structures for the doors, a company can build quality into a less expensive iron door.


The designs incorporated into iron doors constitute the bulk of their value. Cheap iron doors do not have to look the part. We have all seen ones that do thought. A set of iron bars on hinges is about all they look like. On the other hand, an intricate design nearly shouts quality at you as you approach it. By placing simple, yet elegant designs within a door a manufacturer can create high quality, cheap iron doors.

Support Elements

One other thing that nearly defines quality irons doors is the strength of their support elements. Any door that sag or the hinges do not operate well is automatically considered to be cheap and low quality. No one wants to hear their iron doors every time some one walks in. You may have to do a little maintenance work to prevent squeaks, but strong support elements will prevent your doors from being a detriment to your home.

It is very possible for cheap iron doors to also be quality iron doors. Never underestimate the power of good design elements and always inspect the support elements of any iron door you want to buy. If the design and the support mechanisms are good then you have a quality door no matter the cost.

Los Angeles Iron Door Company

Why Add Iron Doors In Los Angeles

Adding Iron Doors Los Angeles

There are several reasons to add iron doors Los Angeles. All of those reasons really boil down to three main ones: design, old world charm, and value. They are all interconnected and each enhances the other.


One of the most studied aspects of design, whether it be interior, clothing, or landscaping, is the need for symmetry. Symmetry attracts the human eye without us even knowing it. An elegant, understated interior design utilizes it without the observer ever being aware. Adding iron doors in Los Angeles is an easy way to give your entire property that sense of symmetry. The same design can be incorporated in to doors, entrance ways, gates, as well as stairways.

Old World Charm

Iron doors in Los Angeles are the complete antithesis of modern. Their very presence invokes a sense of Europe, castles, and medieval knights to all but the most jaded of observers. This basic intrigue lends itself to some very cunning and astonishing design elements. You can add to that sense of mystique by custom designing your doors. Put in an element that has a personal meaning for you and your family. Can you imagine the your children pretending they are damsels and white knights as they spend hours enjoying the atmosphere of their home?


The design elements and the old world charm are all good and fine, but a little useless on their own. Luckily, they do not have to stand on their own. If you add iron doors in Los Angeles, you add resale value to your home. Isn’t that an important aspect of everything that you do to your home? These doors will pay for themselves when you decide to move to another property.

Safety you were looking for

You can see how design, old world charm, and value go hand-in-hand while each lends itself to the other. You may sacrifice a little bit in the area of privacy and you will need additional security measures, but iron doors in Los Angeles are worth the additional measures. To be frank, if you are adding iron doors throughout your property, you were going to install those counter-measures anyway.