Railings may not be the first thing you think of when looking to customize the look of your home. Although they may not seem that obvious, railings can make a much bigger visual impact than you might think they will. Let’s take a closer look at custom iron railings, their advantages, and how they benefit the look of your home.

Iron Is a Time-Tested Material

From gates and doors to even the Eiffel Tower, wrought iron has been used for centuries by generation upon generation of families and created by thousands of blacksmiths. All of that time and experience proves that iron was thought to be an ideal material. Today, it’s become a method of expression for modern homes.

Incomparable Durability

Original wrought iron structures remain on churches, castles, and many other ancient buildings today. How’s that for durability? When they’re made with quality materials and the necessary experience, wrought iron railings are as tough as it gets.

Of course, any material will wear down over time, especially if it’s exposed to the elements—but, here again, doing all the right things when it comes to properly caring for your investment will ensure durability and beauty lasts for a lifetime and beyond. This translates into incredible value for the money you spend on them.

Adds Security and Privacy to Your Home

Where it comes to the security of a home, wrought iron fences and railings simply cannot be beat. This material is a formidable deterrent for intruders when used in fencing and gates; a burglar is more likely to try to breach a barrier they feel they can destroy or overcome.

If you’re talking fencing or gates, then wrought iron has a lot to offer in terms of privacy. This is especially true when your fence also contains designs between its rails. As well, the taller your fence is, the more difficult it will be to climb.

Strength Like No Other

Strong iron railings can help to keep everyone safe by offering something solid to grab onto. Having wrought iron stair railings indoors offers the same security, helping to prevent falling and offering stability to everyone who uses them. This is due to the sheer strength of wrought iron, and it is why it stands head and shoulders above other railing and fencing materials.

Wrought iron can support the full weight of not just one, but several individuals at the same time. Of course, it must be properly and carefully crafted with experience in order to offer this advantage.

Curb Appeal That Can’t Be Ignored

No matter which elements of your home’s exterior you want to have in wrought iron, another major benefit is its curb appeal. Iron is a unique material that you don’t see on every home, so it catches the eye automatically. The beautiful surface of wrought iron is yet another element that adds to its curb appeal.

Keep its original matte surface, or seal it with a shiny coat of paint. Either way, wrought iron impresses. When you choose to add elements like elegant iron doors to the mix, people just won’t be able to resist the urge to stop and admire. If you’re planning to sell your home, those iron elements will also appeal to potential buyers.

Incredible Versatility

No matter your personal style, wrought iron can deliver. It’s incredibly versatile because it is easy to work with. That means it offers more versatility than any other fencing or railing material.


You may have seen traditional wrought iron fencing around a park or church where you live or admired a friend’s interior iron railings. The next time you find yourself looking at either of these, look more closely; there’s definitely something to be said for this kind of subdued elegance. Study the smoothness and consistency of curves, the accuracy of each point, and the overall design, and you’ll discover that wrought iron railings truly are timeless.


Once again, the incredible versatility of wrought iron means that railings, gates, fences, and doors can be shaped into virtually any design. This gives a blacksmith the opportunity to showcase their skill. If you’re choosing a company that allows every aspect of your door to be customized, then the advantage for you is that you can have any romantic design you want.

wrought iron stair and railing


Homeowners with taste that’s more modern can also enjoy wrought iron railings. Geometric shapes, eye-catching patterns, and much more are all possible, thanks to the fact that iron is so easily workable into any shape you could want. No matter whether you choose to have it outdoors, indoors, or both, modern iron designs complement homeowners having a taste for the contemporary.

Combine Elements

Iron railings allow you to combine style elements. For example, an ornate traditional railing on a deck can be combined with modern glass for a look that’s unexpected yet undeniably attractive. As well, you can choose to have a more modern-looking railing outside while sticking to a more romantic railing for your interior staircase.

Ease of Installation

There are many types of railings available for the interior or exterior of your home, but few of them will be as easy to install as wrought iron railings. Why is this important? Because it will have an effect on the cost of installation if you’re having this done by a company. If you’re installing railings yourself, iron may present far fewer challenges than other railings, saving you money and time.


It’s true that nothing lasts forever, and iron is no exception. Over time, exterior wrought iron railings will succumb to the weather, forming rust that eventually weakens it. However, with proper maintenance, this can be avoided. Not only that, but iron requires very little effort to maintain.

A wire brush is a great tool for iron railings because it can remove any rust spots you may notice. Then all that’s needed is to rinse the area, and then paint or seal. Of course, wrought iron used indoors will require far less maintenance than its outdoor counterpart. Should it become damaged in some way, wrought iron allows for small sections to be repaired or replaced instead of the entire railing.

Products for Every Application

Whether you’re looking for a unique and beautiful addition to an office building or want something elegant for the inside of your home, the perfect size and style can be yours. Wrought iron entry doors can be crafted to fit any size, whether it is the existing space or whether you wish to widen your entryway.

You may only need railings for the few stairs that lead up to your door. Or, you may want to garnish a winding staircase with the elegance of iron. No matter the application, iron fencing, gates, railings, and doors can be crafted for an exact fit.

Pieces of Art for Your Home

wrought iron gates & driveway gates

Because iron is so workable, many intricate designs are possible for your railings. Imagine a bit of scrollwork between each rail or a door that’s made entirely of grapevines. Breathtaking designs like these are true works of art, and you can add them virtually anywhere and in any size of space, inside or outside your home.

Very Few Negatives When Compared to Other Materials

Iron will require a new coat of paint every few years, and you’ll need to watch it closely for signs of rust so that you can brush them out. Wrought iron is a long-term investment, and its durability means that choosing iron for your railing, fencing, or other needs will allow you to enjoy its elegant look indoors and outdoors for many years to come.

Experience, Value, Choice

When you want the unique and beautiful look of iron, look no further than Universal Iron Doors. All of the wrought iron products our iron door company sells are crafted to your exact specifications for a look that’s uniquely your own. Discover the difference that 150 years of blacksmithing experience can make to your home. View our inventory online or call today: 818-771-1003.