Protecting our loved ones, pets, and property inside our homes is directly related to the quality of doors used on our homes. Most people think they have a secure front door, but then they overlook their patio door, side entrance door, or other doors on the home. In other cases, the quality of doors used may be superior, but the frame and locking mechanisms are very basic and lacking any type of security.

To help you ensure the doors on your home are safe, here are some great tips to evaluate your current doors and determine if you need to upgrade your door security.

What is your front door made of?

Solid doors, like iron entry doors, are strong, sturdy, and difficult to break or kick in. To find out what your door is made of, knock on the door. Does it sound hollow and echo? If so, then you do not have a solid door, and you should replace it with one.

How sturdy is the doorframe around existing doors?

The security of your entry doors is as only as good as the doorframes they are installed into. If the doorframe is not made from solid wood or steel, then the frame could easily be broken. One way to check the sturdiness of doorframes is to push on the frame and watch to see if any part of it moves. If it does, then you need to upgrade the frame or reinforce it to make it stronger.

What types of locks are installed on entry doors?

Another area where homeowners can fall short is with low-quality door locks. If it is easy to pick the lock or use a credit card to pop the door open, then you need to take steps to improve door locks. You want at least one deadbolt on each door that is separate from the door handle and door handle lock. You may also want to add a security chain or a door bolt behind the door for improved security.

Are there added security features on any glass in the doors?

If there are any glass features on entry doors, you want to make sure there are security bars, security screening, or other such protections on the interior and exterior of the doors. These features can make a difference should someone attempt to break the glass to get into your home.

Do you have sufficient lighting outside each entry door?

A good deterrent to would-be burglars is having door lights with a motion sensor. If someone comes close enough to the door, the sensor turns on the lights near the door. You may also want to consider adding other security motion sensor lighting around the exterior of the home.

Do you have a security camera on each entry door?

Security cameras are relatively affordable these days, and include a wide range of options. Adding a camera outside entry doors is a smart security upgrade since we can’t be home all of the time.

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After reviewing these questions, complete any upgrades and door improvements you need. Remember to shop iron doors near me to find high-quality, sturdy, and strong entry doors for your home from Universal Iron Doors.

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