Adding elegance with French doors

If you live in a newer construction home but want to add some vintage charm, consider swapping out your builder’s plain doors with beautiful French doors!  Plain old doors do nothing to dress up a room and simply exist to separate one space in your home from the rest.  Dressing up your home with French doors adds instant appeal, and they can make a space seem more open and spacious as well.

French Doors ca be design the way that you want

Most homeowners think of swinging wooden doors in the home, or big patio doors when they hear the term “French doors”, however, a French door is simply any door with a wooden frame that encloses a piece of glass.  French doors come in many different designs and styles.  They can be made up of one big panel of glass with a frame, or with a panel of glass divining into smaller sections by the frame.  One of the biggest appeals of using French doors in design is that they can be as complicated or as basic in design as desired, making it easy to find a style that suits every taste.


frenchirondoorcatFrench doors work well outdoor as well as indoor

French iron doors work well when you use in outdoor settings in the home or in commercial resort areas and give access to patio areas in the backyard or to an outdoor pool.  When used indoors, French doors can also provide an element of privacy, while also allowing some natural light to flow in and brighten up the space.  Keep in mind that privacy glass is perfect for French doors either in bathrooms and bedrooms, and it offers a stylish alternative to a heavy, solid door design.

With the charm French Doors you can be as modern or as traditional as you want,

One of the best things about French doors is that there are so many different ways to use them and there are so many different looks that you can achieve as well.  Be as modern or as traditional as you want, because the timeless, classic look of French doors will always be in style.