There are several benefits of adding a driveway gate to your home. For starters, wrought iron driveway gates instantly increase the value of your home and add to its curb appeal. There is no denying the beauty and elegance of wrought iron. However, deciding which wrought iron driveway gate is best for your home requires you to consider several factors to choose what is best for your house that fits your sense of style and taste.

#1: Maintenance Required

Wrought iron is a very durable and strong material. It is usually powdered coated as part of the finishing processes to protect it from the elements and corrosion. Among the different types of gate materials—steel, wood, and wrought iron—wrought iron comes out on top, requiring the least maintenance.

All that is required is a monthly cleaning that involves spraying the gate with a garden hose, washing it with a mild detergent, and rinsing it.

#2: Homeowners Association Guidelines

If you live in a subdivision with an HOA, you will need to review the guidelines and procedures for installing a wrought iron driveway gate. The guidelines can relate to the size, color, design, width, swing, etc. Make sure your driveway gate meets these guidelines. Otherwise, you may have to take it down.

#3: Automatic or Manual

Automatic driveway gates open and close with a press of a button like an automatic garage door. The primary benefit of an electric driveway gate is you will not have to get out of your vehicle when it is raining. Plus, if you have visitors, you can open and close the gate from the house without going outside and opening and closing it manually.

#4: Security

Whether you want a decorative wrought iron driveway gate or one that is minimalist in its features, your home’s security is improved. Most would-be robbers skip houses that have wrought iron driveway security gates and front doors because they are simply too strong and have complex locking mechanisms.

#5: Privacy

The level of privacy will influence the style and design of your wrought iron driveway gate. If privacy is a top priority, then choose a minimalist design gate with very few, if any, openings. On the other hand, if the style is more your thing and you are not concerned about your privacy, then you have endless design options to choose from for your driveway gate.

#6: Gate Swing

How do you want your driveway gate to open? This decision is mainly a space consideration. You could have it open outward. However, you would need sufficient street-side driveway space, so the gate does not hit your vehicle.

Alternatively, you could have the gate open inward. Again, you would need plenty of driveway space to open the gate without hitting your vehicles when leaving the house. A third option is a sliding driveway gate. Instead of swinging outward or inward, the gate slides to the left or right.

#7: Design and Style

Driveway outdoor wrought iron gate

You can choose from a wide variety of premade wrought iron driveway gate designs and styles or create a custom driveway gate that is one of a kind and unique. Just remember to choose a wrought iron driveway gate that best complements your home’s exterior colors and features.

Getting Further Advice and Help

There are several considerations to take into account when choosing a wrought iron driveway gate for your home. If you need further advice, help, and excellent driveway gate ideas, or to request a free design consultation for designing a custom wrought iron driveway gate, please feel free to contact Universal Iron Doors at 818-771-1003 today!