Iron french doors are the perfect addition to your home to give it a sense of elegance and beauty. You can use french doors for the main entrance doors for the home, as well as a replacement to sliding glass doors for the patio.

What Is a French Door?

A french door is characterized by two doors that both open independently of each other. You might encounter some door designs that have a faux second door that does not open. This is not a french door. To be a true french door, both sides must open.

Another key feature is french doors have glass panes that run from the top to bottom of each door, rather than one single pane of glass. You might find some double-door designs that have a single pane of glass—these are considered double-doors not french doors because they have smaller individual panes of glass.

Now that you know what a french door is, let’s look at some of the reasons you will want to install wrought iron french doors.

1. Design Value – Look Great

French doors can bring a plain, boring room to life. Their aesthetic features not only look great when viewed from inside the home but also from the exterior. The doors will make a dramatic improvement to the appearance of your home.

2. Allow More Sunlight Inside

Fun Fact: The reason french doors were invented was to allow more natural light into homes in the 17th Century. Today, people still use french doors to bring more natural light into their homes. By choosing thermal glass for your french doors, you could even improve the energy-efficiency of your home.

3. Long-Lasting and Durable

Wrought iron french doors are designed to last a lifetime. They also include durability features that allow them to stand up to the elements and extreme temperatures. Our iron doors have special cores and insulation to make homes energy efficient.

4. Improve Home Security

Wrought iron doors look naturally strong and very imposing to would-be robbers. Thieves typically do not even bother with homes with wrought iron doors because they are more difficult to open to gain access to the home.

5. Low Maintenance

To maintain the gorgeous look of iron french doors, all you have to do is wash the doors once a month using an approved oil soap and rinse it off. That’s generally all the maintenance required. You do need to inspect the doors for scratches in the finish, as this can lead to rust. Should you even find any, all you do is sand the rust off and apply a new layer of exterior coating using a paintbrush.

6. Increase Property Value

The Perfect French Doors

Homes that have iron french patio doors and entry doors are considered more valuable to home buyers. It is not uncommon for buyers to get into a bidding war over houses with wrought iron doors. Additionally, homes with iron doors also tend to sell much faster.

Even if you are not considering selling your home anytime soon, the curb appeal of your home with its new wrought iron doors will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Now that you know the great reasons why your home deserves wrought iron french doors, it is time to find the perfect wrought iron doors for your home. Browse and shop online at Universal Iron Doors today!

We also offer custom-designed french doors with several finishes and glass options. Feel free to contact us at 818-771-1003 if you have further questions or require assistance in selecting the best iron doors for your home.