Now that you have your brand-new wrought iron door, it’s time to think about decorative elements. Your front iron door will enhance the elegance and security of your home. Still, without accessories, it can look too serious.

If you want to make your front door porch feel more like you, you can use some planters and vibrant flowers. We’ll look at the best porch planter ideas for your front iron door!

The 6 Best Front Door Planter Ideas

These are the best planter ideas for your front door plants:

Owensboro, KY wrought steel iron door

  1. Modern Black Planters: Nothing complements a wrought iron door’s modern and elegant look more than a black outdoor planter. This decorative item comes in all shapes and sizes. This type of planter is the ideal option for modern and customized iron doors.
  2. French Hanging Planters: A french hanging basket or planter can help create a welcoming look for your front porch door. These planters have a more classic and chic design, making them perfect for more colorful flowers and plants. Which type of iron door goes best with this planter? Well, the french iron door, of course.
  3. Pivot Walkway Planters: Another option is lining your walkway with different planters to create a path toward your main door. This type of design is best for homes that look to blend nature and modernity. You can also showcase your personality by choosing planters of different colors, which are ideal for pivot iron front doors.
  4. Traditional Urn-Shaped Planters: Maybe you are a more conventional person with subtle tastes. A classic urn-shaped planter can be your best ally. Furthermore, these planters fit perfectly with a classic iron front door.
  5. Tall Planters for Outdoors: If you have a wrought-iron gate, a tall outdoor planter may be the right choice. White or black tall planters can enhance the elegance of your front iron gate while providing a more natural look.
  6. Short Outdoor Planters: On the other hand, if you prefer to create contrast with your decorative elements, short outdoor planters can be a good idea. The short planters can enhance the mightiest of any iron door, but they fit especially well with bi-fold iron doos.

You could also consider combining planters of different shapes and sizes to create a unique style based on contrast. Then you’ll just need to choose different plants and flowers. That combination of contrasting styles and colors can also enhance your iron door.

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