Since the start of the pandemic, increasingly, more people are working from home. To get the most out of this setup, it’s worth creating a dedicated home office where you can focus on your work. Furthermore, there are several ways to design your office that can even boost your productivity!

6 Cool Office Decor Ideas to Inspire Productivity

1. Add a Modern Door Design: Iron Doors

French iron door

Iron doors are some of the most modern door designs. They provide excellent safety and security without compromising their luxurious and contemporary style.

Furthermore, iron doors can help you boost productivity at home. This is because you can choose a custom design in any style you like. The details and uniqueness of your door can set your imagination free, helping you easily tackle problems at work—not to mention that a stylish door can create a space you’ll want to work in.

2. Create a Minimalist Work Space

If multiple decorative elements clash with your work style, you can choose a minimalist design for your home office. Minimalism involves using just essential elements to declutter your space. Consider investing in just a high-quality desk, lights, windows, and doors to simplify your home office space.

Remember that minimalism is all about simplicity, clean lines, and monochromatic palettes like whites and grays. However, you can use some color to create accents.

3. Make Your Space Unique

Another way to boost your productivity at home is to make your office an extension of your personality. If you like movies, you could fill your space with decorations like posters and collectibles. Make your office feel like a space that’s just yours, and you will notice the difference.

4. Use Vertical Gardens

Nature is inspiring for many people, and it’s something you can take advantage of when creating your home office space. If you have an empty wall, why not create a vertical garden? Just imagine working right in front of your growing plants and flowers—not to mention that the green color is perfect for keeping you calm and positive throughout the day.

5. Add an Inspiration Board to Walls


There is nothing better for inspiration than an inspiration wall. These boards can have your favorite inspirational quotes to help you push through your responsibilities even when you feel unmotivated and tired. The best part is that these boards are cheap and easy to make, and they don’t require professional installation.

6. Mount Your Desk

One last option for your home office is adding a mounted desk. Mounted desks can be as unique as your personality.

Furthermore, the best part about this desk decor idea is that it can fit almost any office size. So, if you don’t have much space to work with, why not get one of these incredible desks?

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