When was the last time you did a home safety evaluation? Most homeowners overlook their front doors, patio doors, and sliding doors. If you have concerns your entry doors could be burglarized, the best way to protect your home is to upgrade to custom wrought iron entry doors.

Some of the numerous safety advantages your home gains when upgrading to iron doors include:

#1: Wrought iron doors are long-lasting and weather-resistant.

Wrought iron doors do not deteriorate over time like other materials used to make entry doors. The iron remains as durable and strong as the day you installed it.

Modern iron doors are also thermally broken, meaning they are filled with energy-efficient insulating materials. These materials not only help keep out hot and cold air from entering your home but further add to the strength and durability of the iron door.

#2: The locks on iron front doors are embedded.

The locking mechanism on iron front doors is encased in an embedded wrought iron enclosure. This prevents burglars from trying to pick the lock or pop the door open using various tools. It is almost impossible to get to the locking mechanism from the exterior side of the iron door.

#3: Iron doors are highly visible.

One thing thieves dislike is being seen easily. Iron doors provide better visibility from the interior and exterior of your home, which can help deter thieves from even attempting to break into your home. Even if you have a few minimalist glass panes in your iron door, you still have more visibility than a tiny peephole.

#4: The design of custom iron doors makes them intimidating because they are so sturdy.

Before a burglar attempts to break into your home, the first thing they do is assess the difficulty of getting into the house. They also look at your home’s security features. Once they identify the main entry points, they determine how difficult it is to get into the home from these access points.

Their objective is to gain entry quickly without being seen or heard. About one-third of all home burglaries occur through the front door. Another one-third occurs through patio or sliding glass doors, and the remaining one-third through the garage door and side entry door in the garage.

When burglars encounter homes with wrought iron entry doors, they will not even attempt to break in because of the sturdiness of wrought iron and the difficulties it presents. When combined with outdoor security cameras and a home security system, your home will be very secure.

#5: Wrought iron doors use heavy-duty materials that are impact resistant.

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Another reason burglars hate homes with custom wrought iron doors is because they use heavy-duty materials. The strength of wrought iron cannot be beaten. It is impact resistant no matter how much force is applied to the door, so it cannot be knocked down easily.

The ornate and decorative scrollwork found on certain iron door designs provides another layer of protection too. Those wrought iron features function similar to iron bars on entry doors. Additionally, the type of glass used in wrought iron doors offers its own impact-resistant features because it is so thick.

Improve Your Home Security Today

Now is the perfect time to improve your home security, thanks to all the great safety advantages your home gains with custom wrought iron doors. At Universal Iron Doors, we offer a wide range of door designs and styles, including custom-designed wrought iron entry doors.

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