When it comes to remodeling your home, there are many factors to consider, such as what color you’ll paint the walls, the type of wood flooring to install, and even which outlet covers you’ll use. Selecting the style of your entry doors, especially your front door, is an equally important detail when it comes to planning your reconstruction.

Wrought iron front doors are a great option and can give your home an effortless antique elegance. They have always been a favorite in the interior design world but, lately, have become increasingly popular due in part to the trending rustic theme prevalent in weddings and homes. However, if you want to stand out from the crowd, custom wrought iron doors are the way to go—but not just any door will do: You need a pivot door.

Advantages of Pivot Doors

You may be wondering why you should opt for a pivot door rather than a traditional hinged door, and the answer is simple: A pivot door has several advantages which a swing door cannot offer—namely, its unique design and build.


Pivot doors are an upcoming trend in the interior design world. They are an ultra-modern door design with a dramatic flair that is sure to be the envy of your neighbors. Contemporary art lovers will particularly appreciate the avant-garde aesthetic that pivot doors can add to their home.

To say that pivot doors make a visual impact would be an understatement. Using an iron entrance pivot door is a great conversation starter for guests who visit your home.

Large Size and Stability

One of the biggest advantages of having a pivot door is that they are significantly larger than traditional swinging doors. This is because the weight of a pivot door is distributed to a central pivot point, typically located at the bottom and top of the door, making a larger door entrance feasible. This also gets rid of the need for a frame.


This type of build is ideal for the front door and other entry doors, as you can easily host large quantities of people without it feeling too overcrowded, and it makes moving large furniture and appliances into your home a piece of cake.

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Wide Range of Construction Materials

Pivot doors can be made from many different materials, including metal, stone, and heavy wood, which are too heavy to be used on traditional swing doors. Pivot doors can also be made from fragile materials, such as glass. You can choose from all types of glass, from double-paned glass to frosted glass for privacy. The options are seemingly endless!


Because pivot doors can be made from various materials, the design of your door will be one of a kind to your home. Though it may be only one part of a whole, a pivot door will allow you to express your unique tastes and style.

Get the Door of Your Dreams

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