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A Wrought Iron Door Company that Delivers Quality, Design and Affordable Cost
We Specialize in Hand Forged and Hand Painted Iron Works

      Universal Iron Doors has been manufacturing and installing custom iron doors and iron gates for a decade and earned the valuable trust of many satisfied clients. Our ability to produce superior wrought iron doors and the consistency of our services are what makes us different from the competition. Our iron doors are manufactured at our facility in Sun Valley, California. All of our iron doors are made with 12 gauge or heavier tubing and solid hand forgings. We can work with you for a unique wrought iron door design for your residential or commercial property. Replacing your entry door with a custom iron door will significantly change the appearance of your home interior and exterior. Our custom garage doors, iron railings, gates, and hardware can be created to match any design: modern, traditional, and anything in between. Above all, we specialize in craftsmanship and quality; all of our doors are rigorously checked for perfection.

     We ship to all 50 states. In our ten years in business, Universal Iron Doors has sold over 15,000 doors to clients all over the United States. Whether you live in Florida, Detroit, Arizona , New York, Alaska, Illinois, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Philadelphia, Massachusetts, Alabama, Portland or any of the other beautiful states in the United States, we can deliver your door securely without any deformities or damage.

     Planning on renovating your home? Now is the time to order a new wrought iron door. A new wrought iron door will reinvigorate the appearance of your home and make a dramatic first impression to your guests. Whether you want the simplicity of a contemporary door or an ornate European door, we offer a wide variety of styles. There are many advantages to wrought iron doors over wood and fiberglass doors. People choose iron doors over wood doors because of their longevity, low maintenance, design potential, and last but not least, the striking appearance. Unlike wood, wrought iron does not require frequent repainting, is resistant to the elements, and does not rot or warp; therefore, you will never have to worry about damage from insects.

     Fiberglass doors are not built to last, they are not as strong as iron doors, they are not customizable, and they tend to yellow with age. Replace your weather beaten wood door or unappealing fiberglass door with our iron doors to enhance curb side appeal, add value, and bring old world artistry or a modern twist to your home or business. The popularity of wrought iron doors is gaining momentum. You may have noticed that many celebrities on reality shows have wrought iron doors installed in their estates.

     Why not live like a celebrity and install a new iron door in your home? The dual paned operable glass that is included with our doors will illuminate your foyer with natural light. In addition to homes, our doors are a beautiful addition to restaurants, apartments, hotels and businesses. Join our long list of satisfied clients today! Visit our showroom located in Northern California or call us at 1(818) 771-1003.

Universal Iron Doors Creates The Madrid

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Our New Aluminum Creation: The Madrid

This beautiful aluminum custom designed double entry door was designed and build by Universal Iron Doors. The door is named The Madrid; the name was inspired by the Spanish style and suggested by one of our very own, Leon Williams! This door features crisp lines and sleek design formed from a durable corrosion-resistant aluminum and light-filtering glass. This door can be alternated and custom made to fit your doorframe or your personal style!

Call us today at (818) 771-1003 to find out how you can have this beauty be a part of your home! Or visit our show room at 11676 Tuxford Street, Sun Valley, CA 91352 to see it in person!

New Year, New Beginnings!

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New Years Celebrations at Universal Iron Doors


Universal Iron Doors’ staff celebrate New Years Eve and
toast to a successful year, all thanks to our loyal customers. We hope everyone has a great and memorable 2015!

On December 31, the last working day of 2014, Universal Iron Doors’ staff celebrated the great accomplishments and hard work of 2014, and toasted to the upcoming 2015. It was a fun and joyous occasion as everyone working for the company maintains a friendly relationship. The festivities included dinner, followed by the game of White Elephant. It was an entertaining activity for all.

Universal Iron Doors: Saint George Orthodox Christian Church

Remodeling and Home Design
Remodeling and Home DesignRemodeling and Home Design

Saint George Orthodox Christian Church

Located in Fishers, Indiana.


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Remodeling and Home Design              Remodeling and Home Design            

Visually Stunning and Physically Long Lasting!

Universal Iron DoorsOur doors, at Universal Iron Doors, meet the qualifications for all an iron door should be! We price our products at the most competitive prices in the market, in our area. However, that does not compromise the great quality and the beautiful design of the iron doors. We guarantee that the doors will look beautiful and last long, all at a very affordable price. We stand confidently behind the quality of our iron doors and other iron works because, even though not all products are manufactured at our factory in Sun Valley, we control the production cycle from beginning to end. You can trust our expertise, as there are five generations of blacksmithing knowledge with impeccable attention to detail. Our customers and their testimonials can vouch for that. See for yourself by visiting the “Customer Reviews” tab on our website.

Our Beautiful Iron Door For One of Our Lovely Clients!

photoOne of our customers recently shared a photo of her festive holiday set up at her home accompanied by our stunning iron door; it compliments her house beautifully.

She said, and we proudly quote:

Love my doors and they looked so beautiful for a Christmas event I did.

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Remodeling and Home Design

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Choosing the Right Iron Door For You

Upon entering a house, a building, or any facility in general, the door is the first thing that catches the sight. While there are a lot of options as to what door to install, iron doors have been a go-to for home and business owners looking for both, modern and classic door designs. A few of the many advantages of installing iron doors are the endurance and security they provide to the house, in addition to adding resale value for future consideration. Having said that, there are three main factors to consider when making a decision on a door purchase.

First and foremost, it is important to select a door that will be suitable to the design of the house; while the door can be altered to fit the house design, it is difficult to alter the house to fit the design of the door. Considering that our iron doors can be custom designed to fit the needs of the client, it will be effortless to make a selection that will best compliment the house design. In the case that the client will feel unable to make the right decision, out team of professionals will help chose the right design for the house.

Another thing to consider is feeling satisfied and optimistic with the selection. At the end of the day, it is your house and you will be seeing that door every day; therefore it is important that the design fit your needs, wants, and likes. Having the option of designing a custom iron door is highly preferable and is likely to have a positive outcome for everyone.

Last but not least, it is important to consider the budget of the endeavor. While the quality of the product is a major determining factor, so is the financial capability. Universal Iron Doors offers quality products at the most optimal prices that outperform competition by a large margin.



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